Frilly Fossils

The Infamous Introductory Post

Welcome, ladies and gents, to the very first Frilly Fossils blog update.  We’ll use this post as a bit of an introduction to the goals that I wish to accomplish by publishing all of the following writings, drawings, photographs, video clips, etc. to the cyber-world of the public internet.

First of all, I would like to thank you, dear reader, for taking time out of your day to take a little glance at what I hope to be the first of many successfully fun-filled, eye-pleasing, and creativity-boosting blog entries.  It means a ton to me that you actually find my writings worth reading.

Next, I said that I would use this post to introduce my goals for the future of this blog, so here I go.

Goal #1.  Create a pretty environment for your eyes to indulge in.

Goal #2.  Host a menagerie of posts on my latest DIY projects, my personal favorite blogs, super awesome music playlists, deliciously marvelous recipes, and an all around abundance of vintage and creativity.

Goal #3.  Inspire creativity and provide an outlet for all ages to enjoy the small things in life, and separate themselves from that darned television.

Goal #4.  My final goal is to allow the reader to have their say-so.  If you have any cool ideas or would like to see a certain DIY or recipe done here on the site, then feel free to email me at or find me on Facebook at

Thank you once again, dear reader, for indulging in my little blurbs of the day.  I look forward to sharing many more of these brief moments and inspiring you to take on any creative challenges you may find!

With Love,


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2 thoughts on “The Infamous Introductory Post

  1. Tom Starnes on said:

    Good For You my Granddaughter !

  2. Stephen Smith on said:

    Look forward to seeing, hearing and watching your blog grow to greatness, as is your destiny. Put some good recipes on that I can snitch. Stecody

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