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DIY: Pretty Curtains

my mom made these curtains a while back, minus the lace trim, and today she showed me how to make them.  they’re so simple, but the end product is beautiful!  I couldn’t help but share it with all of you.

supplies needed:

  1. two twin sized sheets of any color or pattern
  2. about 27 feet of lace trimming
  3. a sewing machine
  4. scissors

you may also need a glue gun for this project, depending on how you want to do your bows.

let’s begin!

first, sew a straight line all the way across one of the sheets about two inches from the top edge.  repeat this step with the second sheet.  this stitch will cause the curtain to bunch up when on the rod.

about half an inch below the new stitch (placement as shown in above picture), cut a slit through the underside of the doubled-up portion of the sheet about the width of two fingers.  do this on both sides of each sheet.  these slits will allow you to insert a curtain rod into the curtain.

on the bottom seam of the doubled-up portion of the sheet (on the front of the sheet), sew on a strip of lace trim – keeping it lined up with the seam – from one side to the other.  sew another strip of lace about a half to one inch below the first strip.  repeat this on the other sheet.

to make the curtain ties, use the excess ribbon to create a bow.  there are two ways this can be done.  the first method is to simply tie a bow onto the curtain, but depending on whether or not your pieces are long enough, this may not be the most logical method.  the second way to do this would be to tie a piece of lace around the curtain in a double knot, and then form a bow from the other bits and pieces using hot glue to put them together.  after this step, just slip the curtains onto a rod, and you’re done!  viola!  simple enough, but they look like you spent a fortune!



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