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Beauty Tutorial: The Perfect Boho Braid

happy Sunday morning, everyone!  I thought I’d start the day off with a little fun.  last night I put together a tutorial that I meant to post as soon as I finished, but somehow I didn’t manage to make that happen.  at any rate, it’s being posted now as one of the many beauty tutorials to come.

I always love wearing my hair like this.  it’s so simple but super cute, and it looks good with everything.

shall we begin?

don’t bother brushing your hair unless you have seriously bad tangles that absolutely must be dealt with.  messiness = more volume.

pull all of your hair to one side, keeping the part, and do a typical side braid.  try to leave the braid a little loose.

next, pull at the braid to loosen it up more.  be sure to pull chunks of hair out of the braid.  you don’t want it to look perfect at all.

also be sure to pull out pieces of hair around the braid, even on the opposite side.  loosen up the back where the braid starts, and let some of your hair just do it’s own thing.

take a bit of hair from the bit left out of the braid at the bottom, and wrap it around the elastic.  secure it in the back with a bobby pin closely matching the color of your hair.

and you’re done!  as I said, this style is incredibly simple, but it looks great with just about everything.  I hope you enjoyed this, and that you all have a marvelous Sunday!



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