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a little recommendation

good friday morning everyone!  I wanted to share this with you last week, but you know how it is; life got ahead of me.  however, I am here to share it now.  I’ve read a lot of books in my past (at least a couple hundred), but few of them have ever taken my breath away quite like the one I am about to share with you.

the book is called “East” and it was written by a lovely lady by the name of “Edith Pattou.”  let me tell you, this woman knows how to captivate her audience.  I found myself crying, laughing, falling in love, and becoming furious along with the main character, a young norse girl named “Ebba Rose.”  I do not wish to completely ruin the book for you, so I will simply say that it is about this young girl having the journey of her life along with a white bear who has taken an unusual interest in her.  this book is definitely worth the read, and I encourage you all to do so!  I’ve read it at least three times all the way through.

so, whenever you decide to find a good book to read, pick up East by Edith Pattou.  it’s one of the greatest non-fiction works I’ve ever read.



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