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DIY: Paper Heart Chandelier

supplies needed:

step 1:

cut a string the length that you wish your first chain to be, and then tie one end of it to the hoop and thread the other end into the needle.

step 2:

tear some pages out of the book, and cut out several paper hearts.

step 3:

thread the needle through the top of the heart, where it comes to a “v” in the middle.

step 4:

pull the string all the way through until the top of the heart is about two inches from the hoop.  then, thread the needle through the bottom point of the heart.

step 5:

repeat steps 3-4 until you have reached the end of your thread.  tie it off at the bottom point of the last heart.

repeat steps 3-5 until you have the number of chains desired (which is totally up to you.  I did fifteen.)

step 6:

form a sort of “spider’s web” at the top of your hoop so that you can hang it from the ceiling.  this inner web also provides more volume if you hang more chains from it.

step 7 (optional):

this step is entirely up to you.  you can choose to leave the chandelier as is, or you can wrap the hoop in ribbon, fabric, or lace (I used lace) if you wish to make it look a little more structured.

and with that, you are done with your very own paper heart chandelier!  it takes some time to complete, but the end result is definitely worth it.  I would LOVE to see what you guys create with this, so feel free to take a picture of your final product and post it in the comments section below.  as always, stay tuned next thursday for another fantastic DIY project!



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