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diy: love letters garland

good thursday evening everyone!  it’s diy time again, and i have to admit that it took me forever to decide which one to try this week.  i had so many options!  i finally decided on this super cute paper heart garland seeing as how the day of love is approaching soon.  it’s extremely simple, but the result is super adorable.


1. scrapbook paper

2. scissors

3. needle & embroidery thread

4. stapler

step 1:

cut the scrapbook paper into thin strips.  the thickness of the strips depends on how thick you want your hearts to be.  just remember that the thicker your strips are, the less hearts you’re going to have on your garland.

step 2:

fold each strip in half, smoothing out the crease in the middle.

step 3:

to form the heart shape, place the end of one side of the v shape to form a loop.  hold it in place, and repeat this step with the opposite side.

step 4:

staple the point of the heart to seal the ends and keep the shape.  repeat step 3 & 4 until you have completed all of the hearts.

step 5:

string each of the hearts onto the embroidery thread, and space them out evenly.

finished product:

once you have thread all of the hearts onto the embroidery thread and spaced them out, you’re done!  you can hang this anywhere, and it looks great.  it’s a super cute way to decorate for a valentine’s day party, or just to use as decoration for your home.  i’ve got mine hanging up in my bedroom now, and i’m so very pleased with it!

i hope you all have a wonderful evening, and i look forward to sharing another fabulous diy project with you next week!



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2 thoughts on “diy: love letters garland

  1. How lovely!! I think they will be a weekend project 🙂

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