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A Valentine for your Bookworm

Supplies needed:


This is seriously the easiest origami I’ve ever done.  I’ve made like a bajillion of these since I learned how to do it.   These would make the perfect valentine for your avid reader when paired with a book by their favorite author.

  Step 1: Start with a square piece of paper and fold along the diagonal both directions.  Unfold and flip the paper over.  Fold along the horizontal one direction and unfold.

Step 2: Flip the paper over again and fold along the creases to create a triangle as shown in above pictures.  Fold the tip of the triangle down to the center of the bottom edge and then unfold to form a crease.

Step 3: Again, flip the paper over.  Pull the center of the bottom edge up to meet with the tip of the triangle.  Fold the bottom corners up to meet each other at the tip of the triangle.

Step 4: Flip the paper over once again and fold the top portion in half, meeting the top edge with the crease.  Unfold one corner at a time and press it down to form a small triangle.  Bring the top center corner of each side down to the center of the newly formed triangle to create another small triangle.  Fold the newest triangle in half on each side.

Step 5: The top image shows what the front of the bookmark should look like after you have completed step 4.  Remember that triangle that we folded down on the back?  It’s finally time to use that!  Unfold the triangle, and this will open up the inside to form a pocket.  Slip your new bookmark onto a book page and you’re done!


Much love



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